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Parent Success Coaching

Why is nothing working? 

Why do I feel like I'm failing as a parent? 

Why do I feel sometimes like I cannot connect with my child at all?

We can help!

We have been there. We have navigated through these waters and we can help you on the path to all that you wanted out of parenthood: connection, joy, fulfillment, pride, and maybe even the added bonus

of a little harmony!


Leveraging our Core Coaching Modules,

bringing clarification to you as a parent and as a family:

  • Where you are right now.

  • Where you would you like to be.

  • What is the best approach for everyone to get there.

Online meeting
One on One coaching

One Week Introductory
Parent Success Workshop

What do we do?

How are we different? 

Why does it work so well?

We can tell you, or we can show you!

That's why we created a 5-day Introductory

ADHD Parenting Success Workshop

This workshop takes key highlights from the 7 Core Coaching Modules used in the One-on-One Coaching and Signature series and breaks them down into a quick and consumable program. 

This program is your light bulb turning on; your A-Ha moment. This program is designed to show you WHY what you have been doing has not been working and begin the process to outline your next steps. 

You can take what you learn in this workshop and create your own path forward, or continue on with additional coaching and Whole Family ADHD workshops.

Doing Homework
One Week Workshop

Whole Family ADHD
Family Reboot and Success Workshop

People During Workshop

What is the first thing any help desk support technician will ask you when you tell them you're computer is not working properly?
Have you rebooted your computer?

Do you feel like the dynamics of your family are not working? 
Can they be optimized?
Do the treatments mainly focus on your child's ADHD?
Are they not always working? 
Maybe it's time to reboot!

In our signature Whole Family ADHD

Reboot Coaching and Workshop

we guide you through a top down restart on the whole family. 
Beginning with the parents as individuals, layering new and proven parenting techniques and specialized programs and treatments, and ending with a personalized Action Plan this program helps you see your path to a more a unified and cohesive family. 

Whole Family ADHD 
Coaching and Workshop Modules

The Seven Modules

Module 1 - Overview and Introductions

Overview of Whole Family ADHD program, getting to know your family classmates, a crash course in current updates on ADHD

Module 4 - Parenting Reboot

Decades of research and the key current parenting methodologies broken down into easy and actionable curriculum.

Module 2 - Getting to know YOU!

Who are you, the parent, as an individual? 

What are your key personality traits

and strengths? 

What limiting beliefs are you holding on to that are affecting your parenting?

Module 5 - Getting to Know your Child/ren

Children ARE born with personalities and strengths. Before focusing on the treatments for ADHD, find out who your child really is and how that may align or differ from your own personality

Module 3 - Early Childhood and Adolescent Development

What we should all have been taught in high school but weren't.

How do all children develop?

What happens in adolescence?

How does ADHD impact this?

Module 6 - ADHD Models, Strategies and Treatments

Here's where we show you the best clinical and home-based methods to layer on parenting a child with ADHD.

Module 7 - Putting it all together - Family Action Plan

The final step is to create and present your Family Action Plan to the Group. This will become plan used for your monthly check-in and coaching sessions through the next 12 months

12 Week Program
Core Coaching Modules


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