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Interview with Melanie Summers of I Speak Organized

Getting organized with ADHD is hard. Staying Organized with ADHD is even harder.

Getting or staying organized as a parent with ADHD when you have children with ADHD feels like an impossibility.

It's only feels impossible if you go it alone. We at Whole Family ADHD can help, but we don't do it alone either. Working with talented experts, like Melanie Summers of I Speak Organized is how I was able to make changes in my own organizational style - little by little, drawer by drawer, room by room. Changes that I was actually able to maintain!

Check-out this interview for Tips and Tricks on getting organized as parents with ADHD who has children with ADHD.

We encourage you to check out more of I Speak Organized Podcasts and Videos, as well check out the Whole Family ADHD YouTube Channel for Tips and Tricks and subscribe to our blog.

We are here to help overcome the hard. ADHD can be hard. Raising children who have ADHD can be hard. But together, we can do hard things.

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